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Privacy policy

 ThisPrivacy Policy aims to give you information on how PUA MEZCAL collects andprocesses your personal data through your use of this website (regardless ofwhere you visit it from), including any data you may provide through this websitewhen you sign up to our newsletter, purchase a product or service, submit asales enquiry or otherwise contact us.


When youmake purchases from us, send us messages online, sign up for our newsletters,or communicate with us through e-mail, phone, or in person, we may collect thefollowing categories of Personal Information from you:


·       Identifiers and Contact Information,such as your name, mailing address, billing address, phone number, companyname, e-mail address, and account user name (if you create an account with us);

·       Financial Information, such as yourbank account or credit card number;

·       Communication Data, such as thecontent of your communications when you complete online forms, provide usfeedback, or otherwise email us with a comment or complaint;

·       Other Identifying Data, such as yourdate of birth, your signature (on purchase receipts), and resume information(if you are applying for a job or internship with us).


When youvisit our Site, we automatically track and collect your user data throughcookies and other data tracking technologies. You can learn more about our useof cookies and data tracking technologies below. Some of this data isconsidered Personal Information under certain privacy laws. When you visit ourSite, we may collect the following categories of Personal Information from you:


Identifiers,such as your IP address, and unique identifiers generated by cookies.


Internetand other Electronic Activity Information, such as your domain servers, devicetypes, browser types, search terms, operating systems, browsing history andother information about your use of the Site. We cannot identify you by thisinformation alone, but it is helpful for understanding our audience generallyand improving your experience on the Sites.


We will useyour information as described below or at the time we collect it.


·       ACCESS AND VERIFICATION. You must beof legal age for consuming alcoholic beverages in the country or otherterritory in which you are located to use our Site. In order to comply with ourlegal obligations, we may ask for your year and/or full date of birth in orderto verify that you are old enough to access our Site. We may also request thatyou provide us with your government-issued identification card and/orphotograph to verify your age when you make purchases from us or to verify youridentity. Our legal basis for processing this Personal Information is pursuantto our legal obligations.

·       REGISTRATION. If you wish to createan account with us, we collect your Identifiers and Contact Information inorder to create the account for you. Our legal basis for processing thisPersonal Information is pursuant to our legitimate interests.

·       ADMINISTRATIVE COMMUNICATIONS. Weuse your Communication Data, Identifiers and Contact Information to respond toyour feedback, complaints, questions, and other communications you send to us.We may also contact you to send you important administrative announcements,such as updates to this Privacy Notice and other legal documents and noticesabout your account, our company, or our Services.

·       MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS. With yourconsent, we may use your Identifiers and Contact Information to send youmarketing and other promotional information about our company or our productsor Services. You may opt out of marketing communications at any time byclicking on the “unsubscribe” link in any marketing email or by emailing us Our legal basis for processing this PersonalInformation is pursuant to our legitimate interests or, where required by law,your consent.

·       PERFORM ANALYTICS AND IMPROVE USEREXPERIENCE. We may use Personal Information, Internet and other ElectronicActivity Information, and other non-identifiable data to improve yourexperience by, for example, curating content and showing you advertisementstailored to your interests. We may also use such information to performanalytics of our Sites. Our legal basis for processing this Personal Data ispursuant to our legitimate interests.

·       IMPROVE OUR PRODUCTS. When youprovide us feedback about our products, we collect your Communication Data,Identifiers and Contact Information in order to analyze and understand youropinions of our products. Our analysis of this information allows us to createand improve our products. Our legal basis for processing this PersonalInformation is pursuant to our legitimate interests in improving our products.

·       ENFORCEMENT. We may use yourPersonal Information to investigate, enforce, and apply our Terms of Use andPrivacy Policy. Our legal basis for processing this Personal Data is pursuantto our legitimate interests or legal obligations.


Inconjunction our partners, including companies producing goods and services soldthrough our site and technology platforms, or companies providing services associatedwith the sale and fulfillment of those products and services (collectively, our“Partners”), we are joint owners of the information collected on this site. We,along with our partners, collect use and disclose your Personal Information(including individuals associated with you, all of whom are referred to as“you” in this Privacy Policy) in the normal course of business for thefollowing purposes:


In regardsto cookies and other data collection technology, we refer to Cookies, WebBeacons (also known as pixel tags and clear GIFs) and other similar technologyas “Data Collection Technology”. To learn more about Cookies and Web Beacons,visit


DataCollection Technology helps us improve your experience on our online services.

Some webbrowsers (including some mobile web browsers) provide settings that allow youto control or reject Cookies or alert you when a Cookies is placed on yourdevice. You may also be able to reject mobile device identifiers by activatingthe appropriate setting on your mobile device. Although you are not required toaccept Cookies or mobile device identifiers, if you block or reject them, youmay not have access to all features available through our online services.


We useappropriate organizational and technical safeguards to protect your informationfrom unauthorized access, disclosure, use, or loss. For example, your PersonalInformation is stored on secure servers, and we provide you with the capabilityto transmit your Personal Information via secured and encrypted channels if youuse a similarly equipped web browser. We also limit access to your PersonalInformation to those employees and contractors who need access to perform theirjob function. If you have any questions about the security on the Sites, pleasecontact us at


If youwould like to access or modify the Personal Information we maintain about you,please contact us at




If you area California resident, there are certain rights available to you under theCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).


Request toKnow. You have the right to request to know: (i) the specific pieces ofPersonal Information we have collected about you; (ii) the categories ofPersonal Information we have collected about you in the last 12 months; (iii)the categories of sources from which that Personal Information was collected;(iv) the categories of your Personal Information that we sold or disclosed inthe last 12 months; (v) the categories of third parties to whom your PersonalInformation was sold or disclosed in the last 12 months; and (vi) the purposefor collecting and selling your Personal Information. You may exercise yourright to request to know twice a year, free of charge.


Pleasenote, in response to a request to know, we are prohibited from disclosing yourSocial Security number, driver’s license number or other government-issuedidentification number, financial account number, any health insurance ormedical identification number, an account password or security questions andanswers.


Generally,in the past 12 months:


Wecollected the categories of Personal Information from the sources detailed abovein “How We Collect Your Information”. The purposes for the collection of thePersonal Information are described above in “How We Use Your PersonalInformation.”


We have notsold your Personal Information.


We havedisclosed or shared your Personal Information to the categories of thirdparties in the manner detailed above in “How We Share Your PersonalInformation.”


Request todelete. You have the right to request that we delete the Personal Informationthat we have collected from you. We may deny your request under certaincircumstances, such as if we need to comply with our legal obligations orcomplete a transaction for which your Personal Information was collected. If wedeny your request to delete, we will let you know the reason why.


Opt out ofthe sale of your Personal Information. You have the right to opt out of thesale of your Personal Information. However, we do not sell your PersonalInformation.


Right toNon-Discrimination. If you choose to exercise any of these rights, we will notdiscriminate against you in any way. If you exercise certain rights, pleaseknow that you may be unable to use or access certain features of our Websitesor services.


To make arequest to know or a request to delete, contact us at


We willtake steps to verify your identity before processing your request to know orrequest to delete. We will not fulfill your request unless you have providedsufficient information for us to reasonably verify you are the individual aboutwhom we collected Personal Information. If you have an account with us, we willuse our existing account authentication practices to verify your identity. Ifyou do not have an account with us, we may request additional information aboutyou so that we can verify your identity. We will only use the PersonalInformation you provide to verify your identity and to process your request,unless you initially provided the information for another purpose.


You may usean authorized agent to submit a request to know or a request to delete. When weverify your agent’s request, we may verify both your and your agent’s identityand request a signed document from you that authorizes your agent to make therequest on your behalf. To protect your Personal Information, we reserve theright to deny a request from an agent that does not submit proof that they havebeen authorized by you to act on your behalf.




If you havea question or concern regarding this Privacy Notice, you may contact us at


We may needto modify this Privacy Notice as the law or our data practices changes. If wemake material changes, we will notify you of such changes by any reasonablemeans (e.g., notice on the Sites, email to the email address we have on file,etc.) prior to them becoming effective. Your continued use of our Servicesafter receiving such notice means that you acknowledge and accept the revisedPrivacy Notice.